Bueno Systems

Bueno Systems


BUENO provides engineering services that are data driven and powered by analytics technology that enable our clients to realise business. BUENO has experience across a range of facility types including: commercial buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets and entertainment complexes. BUENO has developed analytics for many systems, such as production ready HVAC, refrigeration, vertical transportation, lighting, access control, waste treatment and carparks.

Regions Served

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BUENO Analytics is a service developed by BUENO to provide a ‘hosted’ or ‘cloud’ based version of SkySpark Analytics. BUENO Analytics monitors a site’s BMS via a remote gateway/server and stores and analyses data on BUENO’s own dedicated remote server. Access to the system is web based and a URL/Login is provided for all users so that the system can be accessed at any time. BUENO’s team of support personnel also monitors the exception reports and provide specific advice and/or recommendations.