ATS Automation

ATS Automation

ATS specializes in custom engineered and installed Building Automation Systems control solutions for buildings' mechanical and electrical systems, allowing owners to reduce energy consumption and maximize effectiveness of facilities management personnel. ATS has offices and provides services in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska. Contact your local ATS representative to find out how you can start running your building more efficiently and economically.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • United States


ATS provides hosted and onsite installations of SkySpark to assist customers with Cx, M&V and maximization of their existing systems. ATS’ flagship SkySpark program is facilityCARE, a process-based service that combines SkySpark technology and ATS Energy Engineering expertise to proactively identify energy waste and system inefficiencies. Each step in the process feeds into the next and develops a feedback loop for continuous facility improvement.