Ultratech Integration & Analytics LTD

Ultratech Integration & Analytics LTD


Ultratech Integration & Analytics LTD has had a deep focus on integration to different types of building systems with the goal of leveraging SkySpark’s powerful analytics to find energy and cost savings opportunities. Our team of integrators and developers have been working in this industry since 2007 and have been successfully implementing SkySpark projects since 2011. We also provide custom user interface development so a portfolio of buildings can be managed from a single application.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • Canada


Ultratech Integration & Analytics LTD is not a construction or engineering company that does SkySpark projects on the side. Our core business is successfully implementing SkySpark projects. This is what differentiates us from most other companies. We offer cloud hosted solutions or solutions hosted on client networks or a combination of the two. In most cases, all work can be done remotely to minimize the overall project cost. We offer training and ongoing support to ensure client satisfaction.