Anka Labs

Anka Labs

Anka Labs is a technology innovation laboratory with a focus on changing the way we approach buildings with distributed IoT solutions. Anka Labs products embed SkySpark analytics technology at the "edge". Typical applications include: RTU, AHU, Chiller Monitoring, Air Compressors, Demand Response anywhere data is sensed, controlled, visualized and analyzed.

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Anka Revolt controllers are Edge Analytics Controllers that embed SkySpark technology directly in the controller providing a new level of intelligent control. Revolt controllers also provide the additional features sets described below.

Project Sandstar is an open source project that combines Haystack and Sedona together.

Project Loom is an open source project that is in design phase to combine Haystack and Thread wireless together.

Project Autopto is a project to apply model based control with agent based systems to find the equilibrium of tenant comfort, energy efficiency and the indoor air quality.

Project Visualytik is a project that is completed that combines Haystack methodologies in order to solve the IoT visual analytics needs.