EcoVox, Inc.

EcoVox, Inc.

EcoVox is a full-service energy analytics company specializing in energy information systems and visualization solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Their scalable software solutions and targeted engineering support helps owners, operators, and their service providers optimize facility performance and cost on an ongoing basis. Their programming and engineering staff draws from a long history of efficiency retrofits and controls system installations in the non-residential markets.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • United States


EcoVox deploys both cloud-hosted and on-premise installations of SkySpark along with turn-key setup of fault detection and analytics. They also provide facility monitoring services, connected building commissioning/MBCx, as well as integration with Tableau for data dashboards and visualizations. Their suite of SkySpark offerings include apps for manual meter reads, tenant billing and recharge, in addition to energy management tools, utility tariff comparisons, and greenhouse gas tracking.