Connexx Energy

Connexx Energy

Connexx Energy’s Connexxion® Platform is a scalable, secure data management and data visualization platform. Using Connexxion®, disparate data sources are transformed and unified, technologies are integrated, heterogeneous networks are bridged, legacy and best in class technologies are seamless integrated, and stakeholder centric applications are rapidly deployed. Connexxion can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Regions Served

  • North America
  • Asia/Pacific


Utilizing SkySpark® by SkyFoundry as its analytics engine, Connexxion® drives outcomes by enabling users to capitalize on accurate and concise data relating to the performance of facilities, building systems and equipment assets, all within a cyber-secure and user-friendly dashboard environment. Connexxion seamlessly engages the stakeholders across multiple domains, and supports the integration of disparate solutions into a single, coherent data management environment giving users the ability to manage performance, identify faults or abnormalities. It enables users to simply and efficiently deploy smart energy practices such as analytics, KPI’s, automatic demand response, alerts, fault detection and predictive outcomes to make real-time decisions and data driven calculations about the ongoing energy and operational performance of any building.