Albireo Energy, LLC

Albireo Energy, LLC

Albireo Energy is a national provider of smart building and energy efficiency solutions. We provide a complete spectrum of building automation (BAS), lighting, electrical power monitoring systems, energy optimization, environmental monitoring, systems integration, and consulting services that together, enable managers to control every aspect of a building’s ecosystem, thereby improving efficiency, reducing operational costs and improving tenant comfort.

NYSERDA Approved.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • United States


Albireo Energy provides monitoring and ongoing commissioning of HVAC, BAS, metering, and lighting systems, accomplished through a SaaS model or “on-site” client owned solution. Applying custom analytics, we optimize energy efficiency, ensure comfort, and effectively integrate with preventative maintenance software packages (CMMS). Our team works in collaboration with our customers to identify and treat inefficiencies, reduce operating costs, generate savings, and ensure positive results.