BAS Services & Graphics, LLC.

BAS Services & Graphics, LLC.

BASSG is a smart buildings solutions company founded in 2004 to help commissioning agents, control contractors and value added resellers with data plumbing, analytics, optimization and visualization. We offer a full suite of tools for in and out of the SkySpark ecosystem: basMaker (SkySpark graphics library), PB Plus (desktop haystack IDE), Sparko (CMMS); Air Hippo (Data Push Framework), Visualytik (Visual Analytics) and ACETM (Optimization) We also founded Anka Labs for development.

Regions Served

  • North America
    • United States


We also offer a full range of services including SkySpark-related coding in Axon, Fantom and HTML5 & DART language. We have hosting services and security consulting. Our embedded product development services include hardware and software specification and prototyping. We craft embedded OS with Elixir and custom Linux. As a service, we also will build custom user interfaces using in-house developed or 3rd party solutions.