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#2234 SkySpark Now Validated and Deployed on a Wide  Range of IoT Edge Devices

John Petze Mon 13 Jun 2016

SkySpark Now Validated and Deployed on a Wide  Range of IoT Edge Devices Demonstrating Ability of SkySpark to Operate at All Levels of the IoT Architecture from Edge to Cloud

We are excited to announce that SkySpark® software has been validated to run on a wide range of third party edge computing devices including: the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, the Iotium iNode, the Intellastar family of T-Star Controllers, and the EAC – Embedded Analytic Controller line from BASSG.

The ability to run the SkySpark Automated Informatics™ platform on edge devices provides a complete distributed analytics solutions that addresses a wider range of applications than can be achieved with cloud-only analytics architectures.

Data analytics creates value by detecting patterns that represent opportunities for improved performance. That opportunity exists at every level of the data architecture. While cloud-based solutions have received significant focus and provide a good solution for many analytic applications, it is not practical or desirable to bring every piece of data from every device up to the cloud. IT and networking limitations, communications latency and reliability, wireless bandwidth costs and security concerns result in large numbers of applications that cannot be effectively addressed with analytics that are only performed in the cloud.

A comprehensive IoT data strategy needs to support analytics performed at the “edge” as well as at the cloud. SkySpark’s unique distributed architecture enables the same high value, high speed, and highly informative analytics to be run at every level of the architecture. The capability to run in small, low cost edge devices has been an integral part of SkySpark’s design since day one. We are now seeing a growing range of edge devices designed and priced to serve different levels of the IoT architecture and a growing understanding of the value of performing analytics at the edge as well as at the cloud. We are excited to continue to validate SkySpark on more and more edge devices.

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