Simplifying Cloud Deployment - Introducing SkySpark® Cloud Native Infrastructure

Posted by John Petze – Tue 18 Oct

We are excited to introduce SkySpark® Cloud Native Infrastructure (CNI), a comprehensive suite of applications and tools to dramatically simplify and reduce the cost of enterprise-scale cloud deployment. SkySpark CNI provides unprecedented scalability for IoT solution providers to seamlessly manage the data from billions of sensors.

SkySpark CNI enables systems integrators to easily stand up and run SkySpark at enterprise-scale, without needing specialized DevOps skills and reduces cloud operating costs by optimizing the use of cloud provider services.

We highlighted this important new technology at our annual SkyPosium Worldwide User Community event with a live demonstration of a SkySpark system with 5 million sensor-data feeds and 5000 facility sites running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Learn more by reading the full CNI press release here

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Project Haystack Publishes September 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine!

Posted by Sharon Lo – Tue 6 Sep


We are excited to announce the September 2022 edition of Project Haystack’s Connections magazine is now available! The theme of this issue, “Data. The Foundation of Smarter Buildings.”, emphasizes the fundamental and essential role data now plays in building operations and management.

This 11th issue of the magazine features 89 pages of pertinent content exploring the vital work of the worldwide Project Haystack Community including articles on the new Haystack Essentials eLearning Course, Virtual Metering, Accelerating Integration and Collaboration with Domain Modeler Tools, Making Technology More Accessible for Developers, the Role of Semantic Modeling in Implementing Digital Twins, and much more!

Click here to read the September 2022 Connections magazine.

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Case Study: Driving Energy Efficiency and Process Optimization in Heat-Treating

Posted by John Petze – Mon 22 Aug

We are excited to share a new case study demonstrating the use of SkySpark in an industrial application. The Karbosan case study shows how SkySpark drove energy efficiency and process optimization in heat-treating ovens. The project resulted in clear energy savings and an increase in product yield from the heat-treating process.

We want to thank BASSG for this unique case study showing the wide range of applications served by SkySpark. Find the Karbosan case study at this link

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SkyFoundry Insider August 22: SkySpark Adds Comprehensive Map-based Navigation

Posted by John Petze – Wed 17 Aug

SkyFoundry-Insider-SkySpark-adds Map-based-Navigation-cover-image

We are excited to announce the addition of map-based navigation to SkySpark. The new feature allows you to display Sites and their associated KPI’s directly on dynamic maps with bubble charts, bar charts and gauge widgets. You can now easily navigate to any and all site related information with a simple click on the dropdown menu. You will want to see the sample screen shots in this issue of the Insider to get a sense for the power of this new addition to SkySpark.

AND – the new Map feature is included as a standard part of SkySpark – at no additional cost! The Map Navigation feature will be available in the upcoming 3.1.5 release. Also in this issue :

Clarifying the Role and Functionality of an Independent Data Layer (IDL)

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New Case Study - Sliding Track Optimization Project: Achieving the Fastest Ice on Earth

Posted by Sharon Lo – Wed 6 Jul

SkyFoundry is excited to share a new case study - Sliding Track Optimization Project: Achieving the Fastest Ice on Earth.

The Utah Olympic Park Slide Track was built for the bobsled, skeleton, and luge events at the 2002 Winter Olympics and since then has served as an Olympic training center, among other uses. However, in 2019 mechanical issues at the track caused the World Cup bobsled and skeleton event to be canceled.

This case study describes how SkyFoundry Partners ETC Group (now Bernhard) applied analytics as part of a project to improve Slide Track operating systems, bringing the facility back to “world-class levels” suitable for hosting its second Winter Olympics in 2030.

Read the case study here.

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Case Study: Applying SkySpark Analytics to a Chiller Plant Retrofit - MBCx Project

Posted by Sharon Lo – Thu 26 May

A comprehensive central plant controls retrofit project at a large hospitality complex demonstrated the power of analytics-driven project scoping, commissioning, and ongoing Measurement & Verification.

SkySpark® analytics were in place at the facility prior to the retrofit, greatly enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the project design and bid documents. The SkySpark® analytics platform was also used during construction and subsequent operations to demonstrate performance against both the historical and commissioned baselines.

Since the project’s completion, the owner has saved a total of 18 million kWh, valued at $1.375 million. Thanks to Altura Associates for this great case study.

Read the full case study here.

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SkyFoundry Insider for Feb 2022: The Technology Issue!

Posted by Sharon Lo – Fri 11 Feb


We are excited to announce the latest issue of the SkyFoundry Insider newsletter – The Technology Issue. SkyFoundry continues to advance the capabilities of the SkySpark platform to address the diverse needs of its worldwide community.

This issue highlights SkySpark’s new integration with Python to advance Machine Learning capabilities, the all new Schedule App, enhancements to the GhG App, new features for Cloning records across SkySpark nodes distributed architecture systems, and the release of SkySpark’s SAML-based Single Sign On features. Also included are an updated review of the Haxall open-source initiative, through which SkyFoundry is open sourcing core SkySpark code to help accelerate the development and reduce the cost of creating IoT devices for the built environment, and a quick review of the highly successful in-person SkyPosium event.

Find the February 2022 Insider at this link

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Project Haystack Publishes January 2022 Connections Magazine!

Posted by Sharon Lo – Mon 24 Jan


We are excited to share that the January 2022 issue of Project Haystack’s Connections magazine is now available! Inspired by the challenges faced over the past two years and how the industry has learned to move forward with an increased focus on what matters most, the theme of this edition is “Data. Our New Asset.”

This 10th issue of the magazine contains a remarkable 73 pages of relevant content, including articles on Haystack 4, new Haystack Essentials Training, Project Haystack’s Role in ESG, Automated Functional Testing, and much more. We hope you will take the time to explore this valuable resource.

Click here to read the January 2022 Connections magazine.

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SkyFoundry Announces Enhanced Capabilities for Calculating, Tracking & Reporting Greenhouse Gas (GhG...

Posted by Sharon Lo – Wed 12 Jan


Earlier in 2021, SkyFoundry introduced the all new GhG App as a standard SkySpark feature. The GhG App integrates with online data resources to make it easy to quickly configure location-specific emission factors to accurately turn energy consumption data into GhG equivalents which are then available for use in visualizations, reports, KPI’s and analytics. The App presents GhG performance in a wide range of engineering and “societal” metrics, i.e., miles driven, trees planted, smartphones charged, and many more.

We received quick and positive response to the GhG App and now, after input from energy and sustainability professionals, we are excited to announce a new release of the App that captures that valuable input from our worldwide user community.

Key new features include:

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SkySpark Receives IoT Evolution Magazine’s 2021 IoT Platform Leadership Award

Posted by Sharon Lo – Tue 4 Jan


We are excited to announce that SkySpark has received a 2021 IoT Platform Leadership Award from IoT Evolution World, a leading magazine and website covering IoT technologies. This new award honors those platforms that are enabling the mass proliferation of IoT devices, networks and services.

“The advances we are seeing in platform systems is providing better services and enabling enterprises to achieve quick process improvements,” said Moe Nagle, editorial director for IoT Evolution. Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC, co-publishers of IoT Evolution added that, “Every company recognized has become a leader in the space based on their true innovation."

Read the full IoT Evolution announcement at this link.

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