#5798 SkyFoundry and Distributed Architecture Featured on the Harbor Research Podcast

Sharon Lo – Wed 7 Apr 2021


In an increasingly interconnected world, the need for a diverse range of systems to communicate and interact with one another has grown exponentially. For those managing the systems, this raises the question of how and where to structure and process the vast quantities of data being generated. While many will initially look to either Cloud Computing or Edge Computing, neither one is capable of fully addressing the complexity of this issue alone.

This is where a distributed architecture comes in. A distributed computing environment allows for multiple computing nodes connected together to share data and communicate with each other, and execute functions at all levels of the system, from the Edge to the Cloud. It is where benefits of both Cloud and Edge Computing intersect, a key requirement to effectively derive value from the data produced by the IoT.

SkyFoundry’s John Petze recently joined President of Harbor Research Glen Allmendinger for an in-depth discussion on distributed architectures and Edge-to-Cloud IoT architectures. An internationally recognized research, technology and business development consulting firm, Harbor Research has predicted, tracked and driven the development of the Internet of Things for the past 30 years.

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