#5076 Belimo Introduces Belimo Clear Edge™ Appliance Built on the SkySpark® Everywhere™ Platform

John Petze – Thu 2 Apr 2020

We are excited to announce Belimo’s release of the Belimo Clear Edge™ appliance, which is implemented on the SkySpark Everywhere™ platform. Clear Edge leverages data from BACnet-connected Belimo Energy Valves™ in a Building Automation System (BAS) to automatically monitor, manage and optimize water coil performance and hydronic energy consumption. Clear Edge provides trending capability with automated Delta T setpoint adjustment to increase system efficiency and energy savings strategies.

The Clear Edge is built upon the SkySpark platform and is available both as a hardware-based offering from Belimo and as a no-cost software extension for use on existing SkySpark installations. The no-cost software extension can be downloaded via the online store

Read the full press release on the Belimo Clear Edge™ appliance at this link