#3206 One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Worldwide Achieve New Milestone

John Petze – Wed 15 Nov 2017


One BILLION Square Feet - SkySpark Deployments Achieve New Milestone

We are excited to announce that SkySpark® Analytics software has now been applied to more than 13,000 buildings, encompassing over 1 Billion square feet (>92 million square meters). The deployments cover a wide range of applications for energy management, equipment systems optimization, monitoring-based commissioning and fault detection in all types of facilities including federal and municipal government, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate, higher education and multi-site retail. We thank our partners and customers for achieving this significant milestone.

Deployment of SkySpark across more than 1 Billion square feet further validates the financial benefits of applying data analytics to building and equipment systems to reduce energy and operational costs. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of our worldwide SkyFoundry Partner Channel-- a network of over 125 authorized systems integrators, specialty engineering firms and OEMs, that implement SkySpark for end users. These companies provide customers with the greatest freedom of choice in the industry for deployment and ongoing consulting and support services.

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